Hitachi Europe Ltd, Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory (HITACHI)

Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory is part of the R&D Centre of Hitachi Europe Ltd, and shares a building and facilities with the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. The aim of the laboratory is to develop new concepts for future micro-, nano-, spin- and opto-electronics, as well as future quantum information processing tools. Outstanding achievements at Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory include the world-first demonstrations of single electron memory cells and single electron logic circuits, and the first observation of the Spin Hall effect in a modulation doped 2DHG structure.

Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory has expertise in quantum information device research as well as spintronics. Dr. James Haigh will lead Hitachi’s efforts on HOT and will carry out experimental research on hybrid optical transducers investigating the limits and possibilities of interconversion through magnonic interactions and develop microwave-to-optical transducers complementary to those based on opto-electromechanics.  It benefits from an existing collaboration with the University of Cambridge on microwave and optical coupling to magnetic elements.

Dr. James Haigh