HOT is a FET-Proactive H2020 project which will lay the foundation for a new generation of devices that connect or contain several nanoscale platforms in a single ‘hybrid’ system.
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HOT research at University of Konstanz measures squeezing in a novel way

24.06.2020 Physicists at the University of Konstanz have developed a completely new method of measuring squeezing - a potential starting point for high-precision sensor technology. Their work was published in Physical Review X. HOT PI, Prof. Eva Weig, leads the...

Watch our Quantum Drum video

11.03.2020 Research carried out by partner UCPH demonstrated a new way to address a central problem in quantum physics: at the quantum scale, any measurement disturbs the measured object. They measure the motion of a thin vibrating drum that is a few millimetres wide...

HOT research at AMOLF makes the cover of Nature Nanotechnology

03.02.2020 AMOLF physicists have made mechanical vibrations on a chip behave as if they were electrical currents flowing in a magnetic field. Their work made the cover of Nature Nanotechnology. HOT PI, Prof. Ewold Verhagen, who leads the Photonic Forces group at...

HOT 2020 annual meeting

19 - 23 Jan 2020. The 3rd and last Annual Conference of all HOT members in Saanen, Switzerland. The annual conference brings together members of the OMT and HOT consortia, two H2020 funded projects coordinated by EPFL and consisting of research groups from academia...

Quantum drum

31.10.2018. Researchers at the Schliesser Lab and the Centre for Hybrid Quantum Networks (Hy-Q) from the University of Copenhagen have demonstrated a new way to address a central problem in quantum physics. The results have potential applications in ultraprecise...

Latest research results

Spectral Evidence of Squeezing of a Weakly Damped Driven Nanomechanical Mode
J. S. Huber, G. Rastelli, M. J. Seitner, J. Kölbl, W. Belzig, M. I. Dykman, E. M. Weig
Phys. Rev. X 10, 021066 (2020)
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.10.021066

Laser Cooling of a Nanomechanical Oscillator to Its Zero-Point Energy
L. Qiu, I. Shomroni, P. Seidler, T. J. Kippenberg
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 173601 (2020)
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.124.173601

Synthetic gauge fields for phonon transport in a nano-optomechanical systems
J.P. Mathew, J. del Pino, E. Verhagen
Nanotechnology (2020)
DOI: 10.1038/s41565-019-0630-8

This work is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732894 (FET-Proactive HOT)